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Why Join a CSA?

There are many sensible reasons for joining a CSA.  The benefits are not only for consumers and farmers, but are also experienced throughout the local community.

  • Generally, most CSA farmers follow sustainable farming practices, which is better for the environment and economy
  • Membership in a CSA keeps your food dollars close to home
  • The farmer has a guaranteed market for her produce and receives a fair income
  • You have access to the freshest, highest quality, usually organic produce for your family
  • You have greater diversity in your food choices – this means new taste experiences from a large variety of vegetables and herbs
  • You will get greater nutritional value from food diversity
  • You can develop a relationship with the farmer – ask questions
  • You can make going to a CSA a learning experience for your kids – teaching where and how our food is grown, and who’s doing all the work
  • In addition to vegetables, some CSAs offer herbs, flowers, fruit, dairy products, maple syrup, local honey, eggs, and grass-fed meat

Reasons why someone might not want to join our farm share program:

• If you want every type of vegetable, each and every week, a CSA might not be right for you. Eating seasonally means that you eat the crops that are at the peak of ripeness at that point in the season. Early in the year, that could mean most of the ingredients for a salad, but not Summer vegetables or Fall vegetables. We grow seasonally as nature intended it.

• If you want tomatoes or vegetables that are so perfect that they look like they were raised in a laboratory, our CSA might not be right for you. Our veggies are healthy, natural, and sometimes are not perfect.

• A CSA is meant to be a great, positive experience for you, your family, your fellow members, and for us! We welcome constructive feedback, but please remember, we work our tails off in blazing sun and pouring rain to bring you delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers! 

Please be sure you fully understand what a CSA Farm Share is truly about before you join!

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Is pick up available at your danbury farm stand for csa members?

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Can I send in an application for the 2016 season now?