Green Beans

Swiss Chard

Onion Field

One night's picking - about 500 lbs of tomatoes!

Georgetown Farmers Market

Georgetown Farmers Market

Luscious tomatoes

Tomatoes in greenhouse

Funny Eggplant!

Awesome pumpkins!

Now that's a HOT pepper

Looking good tomatoes - LOL

Inside the newest greenhouse -- onions already planted on the left side

Our newestg greenhouse went up yesterday - doors and front panels are next!

Our summer 2016 season - here are some photos thought you might enjoy looking at:


Latest comments

02.04 | 15:08

Is pick up available at your danbury farm stand for csa members?

10.01 | 20:23

Hi Maureen, we are now accepting applications for the 2016 CSA season. Please fill out the form on the website, return with your check and you will be set!

25.09 | 15:13

Hi Maureen, we won't be taking applications for 2016 until January. Please send an email with your info so we can keep a spot for you, veronicasgarden9@aol.com

22.09 | 18:27

Can I send in an application for the 2016 season now?